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Analysis On The Main Causes Of Leakage Of Boiler Economizer Tubes


1. The uneven distribution of flue gas temperature in the flue leads to thermal fatigue of the Boiler Economizer tube. Due to the traction effect of the induced draft fan and the inertia of the flue gas activity, there is a large rotating airflow at the exit of the furnace and the vertical flue. The overlapping of the rotating airflow causes the back wall side to be larger than the front wall side, so that the smoke at the economizer site The smoke velocity in the duct is different, resulting in a temperature dispersion error in the flue shaft, and the temperature error of the left and right side smoke is 40-80 degrees Celsius.

2. The sulfur in the fuel gas corrodes the economizer tube. Due to the presence of harmful impurities such as S and Cl in blast furnace and coke oven gas, acid gases such as sulfur oxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride, etc. are generated during the incineration process. Various chemical substances jointly corrode the pipe wall dynamically at high temperatures and contain sulfur compounds. Monoatomic sulfur occurs at high temperatures, and sulfur reacts with the iron of the pipe to form iron sulfide, which corrodes the pipe wall.

3. Impact corrosion of flue gas and ash particles. The flue gas in the middle of the boiler economizer connection is led out through the flue, and there is a vortex. The vortex area affects both the static pressure dispersion in the connection and the resistance coefficient of the branch pipe inlet, resulting in uneven flow velocity of the flue gas between the economizer controls. The corrosion of the flue gas and the erosion of the ash particles are carried out on the surface of the metal. Since the amount of metal wear of the economizer tube is proportional to the third power of the flue gas flow rate, the local tube wall with high smoke velocity is severely worn and thinned, and the boiler runs If the incineration air volume is too large, the flue gas volume will increase, and the flue gas flow rate will increase and the wear rate will increase. When calculating the surface excess air coefficient from 1.2 to 1.3, the economizer tube wear will increase by about 25%.

4. The quality of the economizer tube is relatively poor, and some of the controls have defects in appearance and leakage.

5. The process of installing the economizer pipeline does not meet the requirements, which leads to the increase of internal stress, and the phenomenon of slag inclusion, air bubbles, oxidation, etc. during joint welding is put into use before rework is found in time.

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