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Common Biomass Grate Furnace Stuck Fault

1. The Chain Grate and the sprocket teeth are not meshed well or are severely worn and will be jammed.
2. The sprocket shaft bearing (copper sleeve) is stuck due to dry grinding or damage due to lack of oil.
3. Improper adjustment of the adjusting bolts on both sides of the grate and the front and rear axles are not parallel, causing the grate to run unilaterally and be stuck.
Fourth, there are hard objects (metal objects, welding heads, iron nails, refractory bricks burned down) on the grate, etc., which cause the grate piece to jam.
5. The sinter is too large and the track is deformed, which increases the running resistance of the grate piece.
6. The grate is too loose and the sprocket is worn, causing the grate head to arch and get stuck.
7. Due to long-time operation, the grate was damaged and stuck.
8. The grate pin has not checked the running side for a long time, rubs against the two walls, or gets stuck on one side, and it is also easy to get stuck.
When the grate is stuck, in the treatment process, the grate should be turned upside down for a certain distance, then the power supply should be turned off, analyze and judge the cause of the stuck grate, and deal with the case.
If the grate is deviated, adjust the parallelism of the front and rear shafts. If the furnace is damaged, replace the damaged one, and replace the damaged bearing (copper sleeve). Mechanics and boiler workers can inspect at any time, and stop immediately if there is a problem. Avoid equipment safety accidents.

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